Tuesday, December 25, 2007

December 30 Free Seminar near Taal Lake! (Lunch and Swimming too)

A (short) inside peek at what I've been doing:

Trace Trajano (author of Think Rich-Quick!) and I participated in Real Estate Millionaire Roger Salam's 3-day Real Estate Bootcamp in Tampa (Florida) last Dec. 5-7,2007. As I mention in my book, we all need to be mentored and educated and I'm no exception. How's that for practicing what you preach?

Who is Roger Salam? Just this: in the depressed US real estate market, Roger is thriving - and that's exactly what we Pinoys want to do! That's why I was there.


As a New Year treat for the Think Rich Pinoy Millionaire's Network franchisees and for you dear reader, you'll get to hear a free 3 hour talk by Roger Salam--live in person at Balai Isabel near Taal Lake Dec. 30, 2007 to speak from 9:00am to 12:00noon.

To get there, visit balaiisabel.com or call 7761521 or 0918-847-3619 or print this map Roger Salam Dec 30 Event Directions.
Click below for a larger version.

Yes, Roger will be in the Philippines and will be talking about "HOW TO HAVE YOUR BEST YEAR YET--EVER".

How did this happen?

Very simply Roger said, "Larry this is my gift to you and the Think Rich Pinoy Millionaire Network Franchisees." Is this abundance mentality or is it abundance mentality!?

So, this year is ending with a lot of excitement.

See you on Dec 30 2007, of Feb 16 or 17, 2008, your pick - or if you cannot come, make sure you send a representative who may have the same passion for making Pinoy Millionaires -- namely yourself!

Merry Christmas!

Larry Gamboa
Author, Think Rich Pinoy

P.S. Bring swimming and sports attire if you want to try MOBY DEEP--a first class swimming pool (with Scuba diving option) on Taal Lake. I'm trying it out in the afternoon. If you want to overnight contact Balai Isabel using the details above.

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Pictures from the Previous Think Rich Pinoy Event:

What to expect in the Think Rich Pinoy Seminars

Aside from hearing how several young people purchased their first (or 2nd) properties from the bank at foreclosed rates, complete with pictures, you can expect:

1. Talk 1 - Are you Financially Ready for the Future?

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5. Talks 4,5,6 - Real experiences in buying and selling Pinoy Properties from the actual (young) people who did them.

6. Talk 7 - The Think Rich Pinoy Clubs and Pinoy Millionaire Vision 2020

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P.S. Yes, bring a friend with you and learn together. It's better that way!

P.S. Do you have any relatives who work abroad? Tell them about this so they can sponsor you. They will be glad to, just tell thme to read this website! You'll see.

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Think Rich Pinoy 2008 Seminar

Think Rich Pinoy 2008 Seminar